Our design journey begins with a consolidated collection released in small runs. Basic produces one volume each year consisting different collections spread through the seasons.

Only natural and pure textiles make it to our mood boards; we do not use synthetic fibres. Our fabric of choice primarily consist of Linens, Cottons and Silks, with slight variations to the families, again staying true to its pure nature. And as for our colour palette, we like to stick with wearable neutrals, sticking primarily with grey, beige, cream and whites while playing with the tones depending on moods and seasons as we feel these colours work with any event and any accessory while being classic, evergreen and basic.

Hand-pressed die buttons and hand stitched hemming are some elements constant with each piece as we promise to bring you the finest tailoring and finishes.

For us it's all about the attention we pay to detail, where we try not leave any stone unturned.  

Finished to perfection with thoughtful details, our commitment to bringing sensibly designed and utilitarian clothing to life is the purpose of basic clothing. 

Proudly made, designed and sourced in Pakistan.



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