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Basic joins the larger, global movement towards clean, modern and mindful design. The brand takes inspiration from uncomplicated forms and effortless silhouettes for pieces that can be styled differently and worn repeatedly. Each piece is designed to overcome trends made to last beyond season. To achieve that, quality and finish are paramount to the brands ethos.

Our design journey begins with a consolidated collection released in small runs. Basic one volume each year fulfilling a pledge to slow fashion. Only natural or pure textiles make it to our mood boards; we do not use synthetic fibres. Hand-pressed die buttons and hand-stitched hemming are some elements constant with each piece. Finished to perfection with purposeful detailing, our commitment to bringing sensibly designed and utilitarian clothing to life is the purpose of basic clothing.

Basic considers functional design and longevity at the core of its design sensibility and the construction of each piece. The result of this effort is minimalist designs that are comfortable, wearable and practical. Restrained but detailed in classic colour-ways, we hope you will incorporate basic time and time again into your everyday wardrobe.

We see that the world is wanting to go back to basics, as it is also the need of the hour. So at basic, our aim is to try to move away from fast fashion and acquire a more sustainable approach. Lets be #basicwithapurpose and move towards conscious, sustainable fashion.


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